Observatory Orange County Shows

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

with Viernes 13
Mon September 25, 2017
( Doors: 7:00 pm ) SHOW: 8:00 pm PDT
The Observatory
3503 South Harbor Boulevard, Santa Ana, CA
All Ages
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

In the late 1980s, there was a band executing countless lives on streets and clubs of Tokyo…, their name is TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA. Their dynamic yet absolute performance drew growing audiences, and so releases the first 12' vinyl record "TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA" from an indie label in 1989. The following year, gaining more and more fans, they make a major debut by the single "MONSTER ROCK," and its recorded album "SUKAPARA TOU-JYO." With the combination of the roots ska and the borderless sound -"TOKYO SKA"- the band gradually conquers the reputation as one of the biggest names as live bands in the whole wide world. 

In 1991, the following year of their major debut,the band mobilizes 10,000 people at one of the Japan's most renowned venue,Nippon Budokan.The band continues to put shows both atmassive famous venues andatintimate live houses,13oiginal albums were released and more than 1,500 shows were implemented including numerous oversea lives.

Accommodating to the release of the album "FULL-TENSION BEATERS" in Europe in July 2000,the TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA suged into Europe and toured across5 european countries and implemented 11 lives in 12 days,in December2000.The tour was a complete success until the last date of berlin countdown live.The band literally rocked the European skinheads hustle, inspiring the rock maniacs with their sound.

From August 2001,the band released 3 singles featuring guest vocalists.The recorded album“Stompin'On DOWN BEAT ALLEY”(2002.5)entered the Japanese chart an No.1.The band also performed in numerous festivals such as Fuji Rock Festivals.In July2002,having the featured vocalists as the show7s guest,the band did a headliner show at Yokohama Arena and raved the 15,000fans.

The unstoppable band,TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA celebrates their anniversary in 2009.
In 2009,they were release their album“PARADISE BLUE”From March,the band were execute a live house tour of 32 stages.

Starting from the live at Tokyo NHK hall on September 28th 2009, the band’s national tour “and PARADISE goes on...TOUR” is pressed ahead. On October 7th, their first single in 3 years “KinouKyouAshita” is released. The drummer Kin-ichi Motegi sings as a main vocalist after so long. The lyrics by Atsushi Yanaka shows the band’s yesterday, today and their attitude to tomorrow, the future. It becomes a memorial single for 20th year anniversary for them.

On January 27th 2010, a collaboration single with Tamio Okuda in 8 years, “Ryusei to Ballad” is released and their memorial album is released in March. On March 27th 2010, the band performed 20th year anniversary live at the center stage of Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan followed by the live show on Tokyo Taiikukan on April 24th as a kick off performance for 21st year anniversary. Not ending at 20th year anniversary, TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA will keep running to 21st year, 22nd year and so on.

They will host the festival Tokyo Ska Jamboree vol.2 on August 7th 2010. As last year, ska bands from all over the world will gather and it will be a day for ska music for all day long.